Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Simple things

Its the little things that matter.

Its taking out the garbage.
Its doing the dishes.  
Its making the bed.  
Its leaving notes around the house to let someone know you care.

Simple things.

They take time, but they matter.

This week Mike left for a work trip to California.  I had to work that day too, and left before he did.  Upon my arrival home, I was greeted with a note saying that he had left messages around the house for me.  He wanted me to know how much I was loved and appreciated.  Not only did he leave notes, but he also took out the garbage, made our bed and put the dishes way.  Simple things - things he also does at other times - but they were ALL done before he left!  I think it was the notes that sent me over the edge with emotion, but it also was the fact that he took the time to do these tasks for me without being asked.

I spent two hours bawling like a baby that night. TWO HOURS, friends.  Tears of joy.  Tears of thankfulness.  Tears of deep, deep love.

I also spent many of those moments pondering why I was such a wreck about it.  While many thoughts came to me, one that definitely spoke to me was Mike’s reflection of Christ.

He didn't have to do ANY of those things.  He simply did them out of a heart to serve me.  A heart of love and selflessness.

As I've thought more about it, I think of ‘little’ things the Lord does for me each day.  Things I don’t notice.  He ‘takes out my garbage,’ forgiving me of the sin I entangle myself in.  He keeps me held together, providing me with all the strength I need.  He shares His love for me through a love note written years ago!

What if I searched for His word, His truth and His love for me as much as I searched around my house for the love notes my husband had hidden!?  How would that change my relationship with the Lord?

We are called, as Jesus’ disciples, to “love the Lord with all our heart” and to “love others as ourselves.”  

This leaves me with two thoughts to ponder tonight:
  1. What am I thankful for TODAY (little things) that the Lord has done and is doing for me?
  2. What simple things could I do for others, to be a reflection of Christ’s love this week--WITHOUT being asked?  

I challenge you to do the same.

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