Friday, March 2, 2012

Twas the night before my wedding...

I was going to try to be creative and put my thoughts to a poem, but there are just so many emotions and crazy feelings going on inside of me, I've lost words to write!
Here are just a few of my thoughts when I think about marrying Mike tomorrow...

Happiness that God brought us (back) together!
Excitement for our journey to come!
Interested in how the whole day will pan out.
Dinner and dancing with our closest family and friends!
Inspired by the man I love :)

Anxious to walk down the aisle towards my groom!
Not knowing where my honeymoon will be!!
Done planning, just time to celebrate :)

Magical moments to come...
In a dream. But I really don't want to wake up!
Courage, well, I am marrying Mike Vetter after all!
Help from family and friends have made this all possible! Thank YOU!
Alot of people love us.
Eager to wake up! I guess I first need to go to sleep ;)
Love. Knowing it will be God's love and grace that will hold us together.

1 comment:

  1. Heidi, a big congratulations on your big day tomorrow. I'll be praying that the day goes just as you've always dreamed! Enjoy your honeymoon (wherever it may be)!! Heather L.